Long Beach Historical Facts

  • 100_0785Long Beach was founded in 1880 and platted in 1881 by H.H Tinker. First called it “Tinkerville;”
  • Incorporated in 1922 and first Mayor was Tinker’s son, Gilbert Tinker, really nice man and great steelhead fisherman;
  • Founded LB as a tourist camp for the Portland area as there were no roads to the Washington or Oregon Coast . Visitors came down the Columbia River on a stern wheeler (the T.J. Potter) to Ilwaco and commuted up the beach to Seaview and Long Beach;
  • The Long Beach Peninsula is the longest contiguous beach in the U.S. at about 28 miles;
  • The entire area is renowned for the abundant seafood harvests. This is the area of the largest salmon run in the world, razor clams, numerous other fish (halibut, cod, sardines, tuna, anchovies, etc.) and, of course, OYSTERS, Willapa Bay is now the source half the oysters harvested in the State!
  • Long Beach City Hall
  • Top 10 Events in Long Beach History
  • Long Beach City Hall was built in May 1914 by the Ladies Union Aid Society of Long Beach, was moved in 1922, and donated to the city in 1947 with the stipulation that no dancing or card playing would be allowed on or in the property.  View historical documents and more.

    Long Beach City Hall Photo Gallery

    • The founding of Long Beach by Tinker;
    • Development of the Ilwaco Railroad and Navigation Company which improved transportation;
    • Development of lighthouses at Cape D and North Head to assist in maritime navigation and thus commerce;
    • Development of the highway system in the 1930’s which required widening main street and moving all the building several feet back;
    • Introduction of European Dune Grass in the 1930’s which ultimately stabilized the dunes and prevented sand from continually blowing over the streets and up against buildings, much like snow drifts;
    • Creation of the water and sewer systems in the 1950s provided dependable and safe drinking and sanitary systems;
    • Founding of the Washington State International Kite Festival in 1981, which has brings people from all parts of the globe to our little city for one week each August, received numerous awards, recognition and publicity, was twice voted the Best Kite Festival in the World by the Kite Trade Association;
    • Development of the Ocean Beach Boardwalk in 1990, landmark structure, first true boardwalk in the Pacific NW;
    • Main Street renovation in 1995, provided vintage lighting, underground power, landscaping and general beautification of the City, and provided further impetus for design review standards for building which must now reflect the “early seashore” architectural theme;
    • Lewis and Clark Commemoration, this area is just being recognized as the site where L&C completed their mission as set forth by President Thomas Jefferson. Captain Clark carved his name and date on a pine tree in present day Long Beach , when he and others walked the Pacific Ocean shoreline for the very first time on Tuesday November 19, 1805. Great U.S. history was made here, before it was in the U.S. !