A Special “Thank You” to Verna Oller from the City of Long Beach!

A Special “Thank You” to Verna Oller from the City of Long Beach!

On behalf of the entire community of Long Beach, the Mayor and City Council would like to pay special tribute to the memory of Verna Oller for her very extraordinary and generous gift of $3.5 million to build a swimming pool for use of the citizens of the Long Beach Peninsula. Since learning of this bequest, the Mayor and City Council have been considering what needs to be done and where to start to make the dream of Verna Oller come true.

The Mayor directed city staff to begin doing research on the construction costs of an indoor swimming pool facility and the operation and maintenance costs of such a facility. The Mayor is also assembling a task force of citizens with peninsula wide representation to determine the direction we should go with this project. Any decision by the task force and the City will require significant information and these decisions should not be made in haste, or without sufficient data and factual information.

The City is working as fast as it can to make the best decision to move forward with the dream Verna Oller had, she understood very well that it will take time and gave the City five years to make this dream become a reality. The City of Long Beach is in the process of doing this at this time.

Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department Nostalgia

Long Beach Volunteer Fire  Department Nostalgia
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