Comprehensive Plan Update

The City is currently in the process of update the Comprehensive Plan as mandated by GMA. Our work schedules is listed here:

Task 1: Restructuring the Plan

This task will focus on organizing the comprehensive plan into two parts. Part I will segregate the 2008 vision statements, goals, and strategies into the mandatory and optional plan elements required under RCW 36.70A.070 and .080. Restructuring Part I will make it easier for Planning Commission members and the public to assess whether to retain, amend, or remove an individual vision statement, goal, or strategy. Also integrated into Part I will be the vision statements, goals, and policies from the Shoreline Master Program and the Park Plan.

A separate Part II will contain the data and assumptions used for developing the rationale in Part I. Updating information and looking for new facts or figures are available for a topic, such as population, demographic, or economic data.

The information in Part II will become an important tool for assessing the relevancy of the 2008 vision statements, goals, and strategies in subsequent milestones. Part II will be available to the Planning Commission at its January 2019 meeting.

Proposed completion date of Task 1: March 12, 2019


The first workshop with the Planning Commission will:
Task 2: Workshop 1

  • Introduce the work plan for completing the comprehensive plan update;
  • Review and select public participation approaches for engaging the community in the update process; and
  • Examine community demographics and future population projections for Long Beach, then choose an appropriate 20-year population

A homework assignment will be distributed to the Planning Commission members to prepare them for the next workshop that will focus on homes and neighborhoods in the city.

Proposed completion date of Task 2: March 12, 2019

The homework assignment will be a focal point for workshop participants to evaluate the 2008 plan’s vision statements, goals, and strategies relating to homes and neighborhoods within the city. Discussion also will explore potential new approaches for improving housing affordability and choice in the city.

Task 3: Workshop 2

In preparation of Workshop 3, there will be a second homework assignment distributed to participants that will focus on commercial development within the city.

Proposed completion date of Task 3: April 9, 2019

Task 4: Workshop 3

Evaluating vision statements, goals, and strategies relating to commercial development in the downtown and elsewhere in the city will be the focus of this meeting. Participants will also explore new approaches to encouraging greater economic development throughout the community.

Proposed completion date of Task 4:May 14, 2019

Task 5: Workshop 4

Workshop 4 will focus on two topics simultaneously – circulation within the community (car, bicycle, and pedestrian) and distribution of future land uses. The workshop design will be a hands-on, visualization activity to update the transportation element and provide guidance on developing a future land use map. The activity may lead to new ideas about the classification and distribution of land uses in the city.

Proposed completion date of Task 5: June 11, 2019

Task 6: Preparation of First Draft

The preparation of a first draft of the comprehensive plan update will incorporate the outcomes of the four workshops. The Planning Commission and city staff will receive the draft to review for accuracy, content, readability, and further refinement.

Proposed completion date of Task 6: July 19, 2019

Task 7: Workshop 5

This workshop will discuss the first draft of the comprehensive plan update and reach agreement on any changes proposed by Planning Commission members and the city staff.

Proposed completion date of Task 7: August 13, 2019

Task 8: Preparation of Second Draft

After Workshop 5, changes will be made to the draft document as agreed upon by the participants. This document will now be ready for public comment in accordance the public participation approach.

Proposed completion date of Task 8: August 30, 2019

Task 9: Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan update

At this milestone, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the update. Once the Planning Commission completes the public comment portion of the meeting, they will assess if further changes to the update are necessary before preparing and forwarding a recommendation to the City Council.

Proposed completion date of Task 9: September 10, 2019

Task 10: Workshop 6 Incorporate Public Comment

Planning Commission wishes to have another workshop to discuss the public comment that was received on September 10th.

Proposed completion date of Task 10: October 8, 2019 from 4-6pm.

Task 11: Environmental and State Agency Review

Environmental review and the 60-day Notice of Intent to Adopt process.
Proposed completion date of Task 11:  October or November 2019

Task 12: Local Adoption

Resolving comments received through SEPA threshold decision and the 60- day state review, if necessary.

Proposed completion date of Task 12: December 2019 or January 2020


City of Long Beach Biosolids Plant – 2019

The proposed project is the design and construction of a Regional Biosolids Treatment Facility at the Long Beach WWTP. The facility will treat Class B biosolids from the City’s WWTP and from the Ilwaco WWTP, (includes Seaview Sewer District, Cape Disappointment State Park and the US Coast Guard Station at Cape Disappointment). The combined biosolids will be composted to produce a Class A EQ product that will be available for residential, commercial and City beneficial use applications.

Stanley Field Renovation

More Info:  Parks, Streets & Drainage Department

Stanley Field

PROJECT:  Renovate Stanley Field and re-orient that facility to accommodate its historical use of youth baseball/softball and to add soccer.

Stanley Field, located on Washington Avenue North and 9th Street Northwest, just north of the Fire Hall, is primarily a youth athletic facility that also serves as a 0.8-acre neighborhood park. Some facilities at the field were in place for 35+ years; they had become shabby and dilapidated, and some, such as the announcer’s booth/concession building, had exceeded their useful life and become unsafe. The city is restoring Stanley Field to properly serve the Peninsula community, the park’s local neighborhood, and visitors.

We will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 29th at 10:30am, please join us in celebrating the renovated field!

Shoreline Management Program

Shoreline Management

Balancing environmental protection, public access, and shoreline development


SMP Home | SMP Basics | Participate | References | Documents | Contacts

The 2.5-mile Long Beach shoreline is a valued natural beach and dune area that supports wetlands and wildlife; it also offers breathtaking ocean views as well as recreational, residential, and economic opportunities. We are drawn to the beauty and bounty of our shoreline; it is where we desire to build our homes and businesses, harvest seafood, and play in the dunes and on the beach. But activities such as these may threaten the very qualities that draw us to the shoreline. How do we balance development/use with protection of the shoreline? Striking that balance is the purpose of the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP).





SMP References

SMP Home | SMP Basics | Participate | References | Documents | Contacts


Below are documents and web links. This page updates frequently; please visit it often.
Some of these documents require a PDF reader. A free PDF viewer is available here.

Current City of Long Beach Shoreline Master Program



Washington State Shoreline Management Act Documents
The Shoreline Management Act, Chapter 90.58 Revised Code of Washington
Shoreline Master Program Guidelines, Chapter 173-26 Washington Administrative Code
The SMP Handbook, Washington Department of Ecology, detailed assistance to local governments on complying with the SMA and the SMP Guidelines.

Public Participation
Public Participation Plan, Shoreline Mater Program Update, City of Long Beach (November 2013)

Property Rights Information
See the “Property Issues” section at the Ecology FAQs web page: Frequently Asked Questions about the SMA and SMPs

Useful Links
City of Long Beach GIS system: View recent and historic aerial photographs of the city on an interactive map. This site allows you to search, measure areas and distances, add/remove numerous data layers, and view parcel property and tax data.

Washington State Coastal Atlas : View numerous data layers in 15 categories superimposed on your choice of one of 6 base maps. A fascinating and detailed interactive tool.

Washington State Geologic Information Portal: View maps regarding geology, seismic scenarios, natural hazards, tsunamis, subsurface geological conditions, more.

SMP Basics








SMP Home | SMP Basics | Participate | Documents | References | Contacts

A Shoreline Master Program (SMP) comprises policies and regulations that apply to shoreline areas. In Long Beach, two related areas are included in the shoreline: 1) the ocean and its beach, from 3 miles west (in the ocean) to about 200 feet east of the base of the outer dune, and 2) what are termed “associated wetlands,” which are those wetlands generally located between the current outer dune and the old outer dune, just west of Ocean Beach Boulevard. The SMP is intended to guide environmental protection, development, and public access.
Ideally, SMPs are updated about every eight years. However, the existing Long Beach SMP is dated 1997. While a few things have changed in in the Long Beach shoreline area since that time, much has changed in the regulatory world. So, it is time for an SMP update. This update is expected to be completed mid-2016.

The City and State Department of Ecology jointly administer the SMP. For background on the origins of SMPs and the Shoreline Management Act (SMA), see the following links to the Washington State Department of Ecology’s (“Ecology”) website:

What is a shoreline Master Program?

Introduction to the Shoreline Management Act

Frequently Asked Questions about the SMA and SMPs including property rights.

SMP Documents

SMP Home | SMP Basics | Participate | References | Documents | Contacts


The City has conducted an inventory of its jurisdictional shoreline area, characterized that area, and documented that effort in a Final Inventory and Characterization Report. This report and its associated map folio/atlas (the map folio/atlas is Appendix A of the Inventory & Characterization Report) are available your information (see below). A draft of this document was available for about two months for public review and comment. It was also reviewed and commented on by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

After the Inventory and Characterization Report was complete, citizens attended a Visioning open house, and described their idealized future shoreline (in 10 years, and then in 20 years). This exercise is described  in a Final Community Visioning Report, which is available for your information below.

The city also completed a draft and Final Restoration Plan (see below), which lays out a proposed program of restoration actions intended to improve the environmental functions and values of the Long Beach shoreline area over time. Again, this document was reviewed and commented on by the public  and Ecology.

Finally, and relying on the body of work previously prepared and reviewed and commented on by Long Beach citizens and Ecology, the city prepared a Draft SMP, which was reviewed and commented on by the public and Ecology. The city revised the Draft SMP and prepared a Second Draft SMP, now available (see below) for your review and comment. The Long Beach City Council passed Resolution 2016-08 on November 7th, 2016 authorizing the submittal of the Final Draft of the SMP to Ecology. Ecology determined that the submittal was complete on January 6, 2017. Department of Ecology will now submit the document for review comment period.

City of Long Beach
SMP Update
PO Box 310
Long Beach, WA 98631

or to:

or drop your comments off at City Hall:
115 Bolstad West

This is one of a continuing number of opportunities you have had and will continue to have to comment on the SMP process, and we look forward to hearing what you have to say. This is your shoreline, let us know what you think!

Small Works Rosters






The City of Long Beach is transitioning our Small Works Rosters

Effective immediately, Long Beach is transitioning our Small Public Works Roster and Consultant Roster to the MRSC Rosters shared online database. To continue being eligible to work on projects using a roster process, please register for FREE at and select Long Beach in your account. Previously submitted applications cannot be transferred, so you must re-apply.

For registration questions, please contact MRSC Rosters at or 206-625-1300. If you have questions about Long Beach projects, contact us directly at e-mail address: or (360) 642-4421.

Thank You City of Long Beach!